Deloitte and VMware's Strategic Distributed Cloud Practice

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Deloitte, a leading consulting, advisory, tax, and audit service provider, and VMware, a renowned multi-cloud services provider, have announced their collaboration to create Deloitte VMware Distributed Cloud (DVDC) practice. This alliance and the DVDC practice will help their clients transform their businesses and the industries they serve by more effectively implementing and utilizing distributed cloud architectures, including public, private, and the edge. In this way, it will help to meet the challenges faced by different industry verticals.

Deloitte and VMware will help their clients by providing them the multi-cloud service capabilities and advanced software engineering services. This Deloitte VMware Distributed Cloud practice will provide a more efficient and effective development and delivery of products and applications.

Deloitte, a provider of highly innovative cloud solutions, has deep expertise in cloud-related services, practices, and methods, while VMware provides a modern cloud-native apps platform. The Deloitte VMware Distributed Cloud practice will leverage the VMware’s renowned multi-cloud infrastructure with Deloitte’s feature-rich software engineering practice and digital transformation capabilities and help the clients in their digital journey.

Huge technological advancements are seen in the cloud environment nowadays, and the cloud concept is gaining immense importance as it enhances the security and availability of your data from everywhere. If your firm is thinking of migrating to the cloud to ease its operations, you can contact a cloud computing consulting services company to guide you in this process and provide you with seamless migration.

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