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Vivo- A young global technology brand or a telecommunications company, banking on its perfect quality of sound and photography. It is relatively new yet has made a firm grip on the market in India and the whole of southeast Asia through its dedicated commitment to its customers and giving them an all-around fresh experience with each product. Its constant innovation has won over the Indian tech market.

As everyone knows, the specialty of Vivo that has made its unique mark has always been the professional-grade photography that they offer. They have given even mobile photography a level of professionalism and turbo performance. Recently Vivo has made many advanced moves in their forte and has advanced towards the latest futuristic launch of “Vivo Flying Drone Camera Phone 5G 2022”, a flagship smartphone that will include a small drone alternating as a built-in camera. It flies in the air once detached from the phone, working as a drone. Concept-based smartphones are becoming very famous, for example, flip phones, pop-up camera phones, etc. These also are concept-based smartphones.

Many people have awaited this Android 12 operating system phone camera release because of the mid- prized and economical yet high-efficiency and revved-up prices of the Vivo products. Vivo is known to put in a lot of research work behind their products, just like we have seen before with their world’s first-ever equipped smartphone with a gimbal camera system, which showcases the innovation Vivo has brought to the market and is continuing to do so.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Display

Vivo Flying Camera Phone feature a large 6.9” Inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M color display, and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 7. Which makes this smartphone look elegant and gives an incredible experience. 

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Camera

It has a Quad camera in the back. it bears a 200MP Drone Camera + 32 MP + 16 MP + 5 MP Back Camera and a 64 MP Selfie Camera. The Handset has 200MP Drone Camera.

Vivo Flying Camera Phone Processor and Storage

Talking more about its inside, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with dimensity and 12 GB RAM and is available in both 256 GB and 512 GB of internal storage.

The Chinese business Vivo filed a patent for its development in the world intellectual property office as an electronic device in December 2020. It states that it has two cameras and two infrared sensors for its protection. You will be able to control the drone through an app on the phone, through which you can click pictures or capture selfies. This is going to also be portable and easily usable in any space. An additional battery for the drone is going to be provided other than the phone battery. The drone has four propellers and a rotor and can rotate for a perfect view. The drone is also expected to have antennas on both sides, as that will help make the flight easier.

This innovation is revolutionary and hints at how technology will expand into artificial intelligence in the future. But also talking about the practical usage of this device, there can be some real problems people could face while using the Handset, even before any such concept phones were introduced that later got discontinued, which might have been innovative ideas. Still, when implemented, people faced some practical usage issues. 

Cons of Vivo Drone Camera Phone

Some problems that can arise with the drone camera phone is that dust can get in through it and create problems in the functioning of the device, especially in unattachable or rotatable devices like the flying camera phone. So to be able to avoid such issues, the developers need to find a way to come up with precautions that might reduce the dust particles from getting into the device. 

Another difficulty that can be faced is because of its size; there’s a possibility that this flying camera drone might not be able to compete against a real drone since there will be some or other air turbulence in higher altitudes, in which this device won’t be able to keep up like a drone.

Vivo Flying Drone Camera Phone Estimated Launch

The launch of this device was estimated to be December 2021, but due to some corporate troubles and feature updates, it got delayed. Now, after all the eagerness, this flagship phone is anticipated to be in August 2022. 

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price

The Vivo drone camera phone price range in India is estimated to be around 60,000- 88,000 Indian Rupees (INR), depending on the variants. also, the Vanilla X80 variants are priced approx. 56,000 INR. As Vivo is a value money and low-range brand, this creation and launch is a big deal for the company; hence, the pricing can go a little bit higher.

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