Places to visit in Taki

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Taki is located on the Ichamati River bank. Taki is a 70 km long, 2-hour drive away from Kolkata. Taki is the perfect Weekend Gateway in West Bengal. From Kolkata, Taki makes for a great day trip or weekend getaway.

Taki’s Location

  • City – Taki
  • State – West Bengal
  • District – North 24 Parganas
  • Police Station – Hasnabad
  • Coordinates – 22.59°N 88.92°E
  • Country – India

How to Reach Taki?

Taki is around 70 km far from Kolkata. It can be reached by Road and Train both.

By Bus

There are various buses available to reach out to Taki. You can board buses from Esplanade, Barasat or Basirhat to reach out to Taki. The trip will take almost 2-3 hours.

By Train

The best route to reach Taki by Train is by getting on the Hasnabad Local from Sealdah Railway station and get down on the Taki Road Railway station. From there it will take almost 10-15 minutes.

Activities to Enjoy in Taki

Picnics are permitted during the winter months. River boat trips are enjoyable, with great views of the river. There are also a few temples, ruined mansions, and a small mangrove forest in Taki. Provides an experience like no other. Apart from being a favorite picnic spot and amazing tourist spot, a boat ride will offer you a closer view of Bangladesh. Tourists of India and Bangladesh embark on this journey, thus giving you a chance to meet Bangladeshi citizens.

Apart from this fantastic boat ride, there are also different places to visit in Taki for example, local attractions like the ruins of Zamindar houses, Ramakrishna Mission, Kuleshwari Kali Temple, a three-century-old Jora Sahib Mandir, and General Shankar Roy Chowdhury’s Adi Bari. A boat ride will take you to Henry’s island, and a rickshaw ride from Henry’s island will take you to Golpatar Jungle for the canopy walk. Taki has located about 80 km from Kolkata by road. If traveling by train, you can take Hasnabad local from Sealdah to reach Taki Road Station. So in this blog we have shared some of the extraordinary Taki visiting places and Taki tourist spot

Some of the great places to visit in Taki are:

Ichamati River

The Ichamati River (Ichamoti Nodi) is the main attraction of Taki. A boat ride on the Ichamati River offers a mesmerizing experience you cannot miss. One important thing to be noted here is that this river runs through the border between India and Bangladesh. Therefore, Indian Flags will be flying on all the boats cruising the Ichamati River. Additionally, you will see boats hoisted with Bangladeshi flags on the other side of the river. You will also see Bangladeshi boats approaching and tourists waving at you. The boat ride here will cost you around 40 Rs per person if you take a boat on sharing basis with 20 other people.

Golota Forest

Golpata Forest is often referred to as Mini Sundarban, and one can experience the mangrove forest on a smaller scale. It is difficult to walk inside any mangrove forest as they would be either half-submerged underwater or if the water recedes during low tide, then the place will be muddy, and walking on them is just impossible. At Golpata Forest, however, the authorities have constructed a concrete bridge in a labyrinth manner, taking you around the forest so that you can enjoy nature and not have to walk on slushy mud or knee-deep water. You get to enjoy the surroundings from a safe height. There is also a watchtower that is still under construction, and from the top, you get a magnificent panoramic view of the forest. The entry fee for this place is ten Rs, which needs to be paid at the entrance. You can ideally spend around an hour exploring this place.

Kuleshwari Kali Bari Temple

The Kuleshwar Kali Bari is a historic temple opined to be of high spiritual standing in the local community. The present structure is new and dates back close to a century. Devi Kali is active in this temple and fulfills her disciples’ wishes. When you visit this place, you will feel positive vibes.


The twin Jormandirs dedicated to Lord Shiva on the edge of a small pond spread a very ethereal vibe and sublime views. There is a deep sense of serenity out here as one sits on the edge of the pond watching the slow movement of the people and time. These temples are close to 400 years old.

Puber Bari

Puber Bari is one of the old Zamindari households abandoned now and is slowly crumbling down. It would be good if the Tourism dept stepped in to renovate the structure, thus preserving another gem in Best of Taki places to explore. It was ruined and closed, and Taki Municipality took the authority. At the time of Durga Puja, locals organize Puja for five days, and outsiders are allowed to enter during that time.

Durga Dalan Mandir

Taki Durga Dalan is a 300-year-old structure where the community Durga Puja happens. The structure is accessible only during the Puja times, and the unique aspect is that the idol is prepared right at the Dolan itself and not built anywhere else. 


To conclude, Taki is a beautiful place to visit both in the Monsoons as well in winter. The rural life here was very soothing, and the beauty was felt significantly in case the crowds were not there. It’s a fantastic weekend destination. So, whenever you plan to visit Taki, You must add this place to your list of places to visit in West Bengal if you haven’t already. Also, if we want to visit one of the pilgrimage center in U.P, read our blog places to visit in Chitrakoot.

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