Tamia - Madhya Pradesh

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Madhya Pradesh is known to be a highly in-demand and growing destination in the Tourism Market of India. With so many different and unique places to explore. One among these scenic landscapes is a small hill station covered with cliff edges, vast greenery, and deep valleys known simply as Tamia.

About Tamia

One of the hidden treasures of Madhya Pradesh, Tamia hill station is a picturesque forest destination that offers scenic and breathtaking views of dense forests and mountains. Untouched and unexplored, Tamia is the perfect location to disconnect from the world and experience absolute tranquillity. Tamia has avoided any commercialization and makes for the perfect monsoon getaway. Tamia has many old and well-maintained houses from the British era at some of the best spots and cliff edges. The hills of Tamia offer breathtaking scenes of sunrises and sunsets. Even though it is a year-round destination, considering planning your visit to the amazing hill station during the monsoon season would be an ideal decision as the beauty of the place appears to be more enhanced, giving you cool and pleasant weather that is good to go if you are visiting the place for a family vacation, with your partner or even solo. The place offers a refreshing experience that replenishes the tired souls of the visitors. So if you have been planning a trip to a wildlife destination, Tamia will help you make the most out of your trip. 

Tamia is a great place for hiking, and it would help you spend enough time amid the lush greenery, religious temples, and waterfalls. The Tamia Patalkot offers mesmerizing views and hiking places like the Patalkot Valley, Anhoni Village, and Zingara Waterfall. So, explore the unexplored part of Madhya Pradesh; start with hiking to get a panoramic view of the Tamia and Chota Mahadev areas, giving your monsoon vacation a surreal experience.

Tamia is the perfect location for photographers seeking a new unexplored location to capture. Visiting the place, you would get an excellent chance to capture the hill town’s picturesque views. Also, don’t forget to capture the popular points of interest in and around the city, like the Patalkot and Tribal Museum. You can even explore nearby destinations like the Serene Pachmarhi and Charming Tawa Marhai.

Some of the Beautiful Places to Visit in Tamia

If you are planning on visiting the Pristine Tamia hill station, then here’s a list of places to visit in Tamia you must explore when you are here-

Patalkot Valley

At a distance of about 25 kilometers from the serene Tamia is the mystical valley of Patalkot. Known for preserving the culture and customs for centuries, Patalkot Valley is like a world of its own with small villages where more than 2000 tribes live, spread on the magnificent looking hills. When looking from Tamia, the Patalkot Valley looks like a shape of a Horse Shoe; hence, it is sometimes referred to as the Horse Shoe Valley. 

Satpura Tiger Reserve

One of the densest forests in India, the Satpura Tiger Reserve contains an exotic diversity of flora and fauna inside a total area of 528 square kilometers. The Satpura Tiger Reserve near the Tamia Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh has a very interesting scenic landscape with various fauna like Bengal Tigers, Leopard, Indian Bison, Wild Boar, and even a sloth bear. A jungle safari could take you inside with a guided tour of the dense forest and fill your trip with memories. You can opt for Jungle Safari by a Jeep as well as on an Elephant to explore the forest, which is a thrilling activity.

Handi Khoh Trai

Handi Khoh trail offers one of the most breathtaking views of the surroundings at the Tamia Hill Station. You will experience an immersive experience with beautiful trails, adventurous trekking opportunities, serene surroundings, and a magical Bee waterfall along the way with the refreshing sound of the river flowing nearby.

Neo-Gothic Colonial Architecture at Christ Church

Churches from the British era or even before still stand strong inin most parts of our world. One great Church near the Panchmarhi region around the Tamia Hill Station is the Christ Church. With a surreal ambiance and a unique colonial neo-gothic architecturefrom the British era, theChrist Church stands tall amidst many dense trees. A deep green forest surrounds it. There is little burial ground on the premises, bearing tributes tracing back to the 1800s and the World Wars.


Being an undiscovered terrain, hotels & resorts in Tamia are limited. To make the best of your Madhya Pradesh tour would be to book your stay at the Tourist Motel. Also, if you are willing to stay a little further, Hotel Kusum Residency in Chhindwara would be a decent place to spend a few nights in Tamia. Location of the Tamia Hill Station and all that surrounds it is a marvelous space to experience alone or with your loved ones. Also, if you are looking to visit a place having large religious importance, you can visit Chitrakoot.

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