What is Discount Schedule in Salesforce CPQ

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Salesforce is widely used by a lot of businesses in multiple industries. Salesforce is the world’s number 1 CRM and has a great customer satisfaction rate. Salesforce offers several tools and product suites like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, etc., that ease business challenges. Salesforce CPQ is one such product that is widely utilized by sales personnel. Salesforce CPQ implementation must be done very precisely and with the help of an expert or Salesforce CPQ Consulting Services provider having immense expertise.

Salesforce CPQ includes different components like Product Bundle, Discount Schedule, etc. A discount schedule is a powerful tool that allows you to automate and manage pricing discounts for your products and services. Discount schedules provide tier-driven discounts to the list price of your quote lines and it enables you to set up predefined discount structures based on various criteria, such as quantity, product, or custom conditions. This helps sales teams to streamline the quoting process and ensure that discounts are applied consistently and accurately.

Here are the key components and steps involved in creating and using a discount schedule in Salesforce CPQ:

  • Enable Salesforce CPQ: Ensure that Salesforce CPQ is enabled and properly configured in your Salesforce org. You’ll need the necessary permissions to create and manage discount schedules.
  • Create a Discount Schedule:
    • Navigate to the “Products” tab in Salesforce.
    • Select “Price Books” and create a new price book or edit an existing one.
    • Within the price book, create a new discount schedule or edit an existing one.
  • Define Discount Rules:
    • In the discount schedule, you can define multiple discount rules. Each rule specifies the criteria that trigger the discount and the discount amount or percentage.
    • Common criteria for discount rules include quantity thresholds, product categories, or specific products.
    • You can also create custom criteria using Salesforce CPQ’s powerful formula fields.
  • Activate the Discount Schedule:
    • Ensure that the discount schedule is active so that it can be used in quotes.
  • Apply Discount Schedule to Products:
    • Associate the discount schedule with specific products or product categories in your price book. This tells Salesforce CPQ which products are eligible for the discounts defined in the schedule.
  • Create Quotes:
    • When creating a quote in Salesforce CPQ, the system will automatically check for applicable discount schedules based on the products added to the quote and the criteria defined in the discount schedule.
  • View Discounts in Quotes:
    • As you add products to the quote, Salesforce CPQ will calculate and display the applicable discounts based on the discount schedule rules.
  • Manual Adjustments:
    • Sales reps can also make manual adjustments to the discounts if needed, allowing for flexibility in pricing.
  • Approvals and Workflow:
    • You can set up approval processes and workflow rules to manage discount approvals, ensuring that discounts are applied consistently and with proper oversight.
  • Reporting and Analytics:
    • Salesforce CPQ provides reporting and analytics capabilities to track the usage and effectiveness of discount schedules, helping you make informed pricing decisions.
  • Testing and Validation:
    • Before deploying discount schedules in a production environment, thoroughly test them in a sandbox or development environment to ensure they work as expected.

Discount schedules in Salesforce CPQ are a critical component that helps in managing complex pricing structures and ensuring that discounts are applied consistently and accurately in their sales quoting process. Discount schedules streamline the pricing process, reduce errors, and improve sales efficiency. 

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