Honda Activa 6G Prices in Hyderabad

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About Honda Activa 6G

The sixth-generation model of Honda has launched the new Activa 6G with the latest technological innovation. Honda in India launched Honda Activa 6G after almost two years of its previous Activa 5G, launched at the Auto Expo 2018. It is available in two variants – standard and Deluxe. As Activa is celebrating its 20th anniversary, the company has launched a 20th-anniversary edition for both variants with great color options and unique features.

Honda Activa 6G Price in Hyderabad 

The Honda Activa 6G price in Hyderabad starts from ₹ 74,001 and the On-Road prices of Honda Activa 6G in Hyderabad starts from 90,907. Honda Activa 6G generally comes in three Variants that are given below:

  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Premium Addition Deluxe

The prices are given according to these variants:

Honda Activa 6G Standard Version Price in Hyderabad

Ex-showroom₹ 74,001
RTO₹ 9,875
Insurance (Comprehensive)₹ 6,036
T.R. (Temporary Registration)₹ 995
On-road price in Hyderabad ₹ 90,907

Honda Activa 6G Deluxe Version Price in Hyderabad

Ex-showroom₹ 76,001
RTO₹ 10,115
Insurance (Comprehensive)₹ 6,072
T.R. (Temporary Registration)₹ 995
On-road price in Hyderabad ₹ 93,183

Honda Activa 6G Premium Edition Version Price in Hyderabad

Ex-showroom₹ 77,001
RTO₹ 10,740
Insurance (Comprehensive)₹ 5509
T.R. (Temporary Registration)₹ 995
On-road price in Hyderabad ₹ 93,250

Why you Should Buy Honda Activa 6G?

In India, Honda Activa has always been the first choice in the scooter segment because of its comfort and the trust factor it ignites in the minds of Indians. Activa has been synonymous with scooters in India. It is the first thing that comes to mind when the word scooter is said. It has been selling like crazy in the Indian Market. This Non geared two-wheeler is easy to ride and gives a great economy. Activa’s 109.2 cc engine is reliable and offers a smooth ride at 60km/hr without any issues. This is because Honda has been perfecting this engine over generations. Also, the servicing of a Honda Activa is very easy. It comes with a set of preloaded features that makes this scooter a way apart from its competitors. Now let us talk about some of the features of Honda Activa 6G.

Specifications and Features of Honda Activa 6G

BS6 EmissionPetrol Fuel
109 cc and 124 cc Engine1 Cylinder
Tubeless Tyres5.3 litres fuel Capacity
Kick and Self StartKerb Weight is 106 Kg
Drum Brakes No ABS

Other features are discussed below:

Honda Activa 6 G gets a Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover that allows easy access to the engine. In the Activa 6G,  The front cowl now houses a re-profiled headlamp, with a smaller DRL and slightly larger housing for the main LED. The side mirrors are also re-profiled, with few changes to the plastic casing. Another subtle change is the use of sharper lines and chunkier chrome on the front apron. The profile and rear are slightly updated too.

Overall, Honda has tinkered just enough with the design of the 6G to retain the familiarity factor associated with the older Activas. The new model finally comes equipped with a telescopic fork at the front. The scooter rides on a 3-step preload adjustable suspension at the rear. The scooter now comes equipped with a 12-inch wheel at the front, replacing the older model’s 10-inch wheel.

New to the Honda Activa 6G is a silent engine start tech, an engine kill switch, and an external fuel filler lid. As for the instrumentation, both variants now get an analog instrument cluster replacing the 5 G’s semi-digital analog layout. In terms of lighting, the headlamp is an LED unit, while the tail lamp misses out on one. For safety, the scooter comes with CBS as standard.

Powering the Activa 6G is an all-new BS-VI compliant 109.51cc single-cylinder engine good for 7.6bhp and 8.79Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a CVT automatic transmission. The engine now comes with fuel injection to comply with the stringent emission norms. Like the Activa 125 BS-VI, the Activa 6G gets an Alternating Current Generator (ACG) starter for a quieter engine start.

How Honda Activa 6G price is decided in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has a vast metropolis filled with people, ensuring that it has a sizeable vehicle population. The cost of a new vehicle in Telangana is determined after adding a lifetime road tax on the showroom price, with the road tax being used to improve the roads and infrastructure facilities in the state. Here are multiple factors that determine the road tax a vehicle owner pays in Telangana, with the age of the vehicle, make and manufacturer, fuel type, length, and width of the vehicle, engine capacity, purpose or place of manufacture, etc. playing crucial roles. The transport department levies a road tax equivalent to a certain percentage of the original vehicle cost, ensuring that taxation is uniform across different vehicle categories. The road tax on 2-wheelers in Telangana is computed based on the age of a particular vehicle; for example, New Vehicle – first-time registration has 9% of vehicle cost, registered vehicle less than two years old has 8% of the vehicle cost as a Life Time Tax Charged. Road Transport Authorities in Hyderabad refuse to register vehicles if owners do not pay life tax on the total cost of the vehicle as in the invoice value instead of the discounted price offered by the dealer.

Drawbacks of Honda Activa 6G

Some drawbacks of this vehicle could be:

  • The acceleration feels sluggish even when you whack open the throttle. The Activa 6G is meant for the city, which means it’s happiest when ridden under 60-65kmph. A bit more oomph would have certainly added to the scooters plus points. 
  • The rear drum brake works perfectly well thanks to the 10-inch steel wheel. However, some more stopping power in the form of a front disc brake would have been welcome. Unfortunately, Honda doesn’t offer a front disc even as an option. Honda has opted for a drum setup since steel wheels don’t get disc mounting points.


Nevertheless, it still cements its position as a worthy successor to the Activa 5G. If you’re looking for a reliable city scooter, the Activa 6G is a no-brainer.

Note: The features image is taken from Honda India Official Website.

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